A long email chain for issue resolution

It has been ages since I wrote about the problem of reproducing. It is not everyday you find team members talking to each other earnestly oblivious about the innuendos. I came across such an instance recently.

The offending or mirth-evoking object, depending on your viewpoint, was an email chain. As with every email chain, it was marked to a few people short of the entire food chain. There were multiple interactions on it.

It started off as a call for help. It was intended for the subject matter experts in hand. I stress on "in hand" because the dangerously little knowledge than the rest of the team members can automatically upgrade anyone to the heights of a subject matter expert.

So, it started with a call for help. Then, somebody suggested a way to make it work. As the new suggestion did not yield the intended result, there was another cry for help. The email chain continued alternating with newer suggestions and cries for help. Finally, they decided to consult the client.

Today's email asks for a gentle reminder to push the customer to evoke a favorable response. The title of the email is "Failed to establish a backside connection".

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