Why don't they like software engineers?

"Why don't they like software engineers?". The question was abrupt. The scene was revolting and hilarious at the same time. My young friend and colleague mouthed this question while munching on a Sandwich Chicken Chicka. The exposed sides were fully stuffed with ketchup. I expected a ketchup shower anytime and was busy positioning to escape from him. If you are still wondering about the name of the sandwich, it is what the Turkish restaurant decided to name it. Ask them!

I was not surprised by the question. An all-knowing-me can easily deduce the context. My young friend has been dating a pretty young thing from Morocco. She and her friends have been belittling the software engineer crowd. But in her defense, my friend is an exception. At least, that is what my young friend claims. I am going to give him the benefit of doubt and summarize his girlfriend’s statement as “Love is indeed blind”.

But how do I answer this question? Mentoring these young things to execute tasks, dodge difficult questions from the customer etc to carve out the professional in them is one thing. But helping them out with difficult questions from their girlfriends is an entirely different thing. The latter part is definitely not in my job description. But on second thoughts, largely for organizational benefits and also for minor self-interest, I cannot let this young guy be dejected or unmotivated. I wonder if my boss realizes what all I have to do to keep the damn show going on!

PS: If you want to know what my answer was or how I kept the motivation levels up, then you will have to join my team first. I have opportunities for…

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  1. nice read with an undercurrent of laughter !

  2. You will have to find your own methods of motivation. And maybe your young friend should not speak with his mouth full?

  3. @Jyoti Joshi Mitter - Thanks for dropping. I'm happy that you enjoyed the article. Thanks for the encouraging words.

    @Radha - I agree on the second statement. He should not speak with his mouth full. :)


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