Movie Review: Bad Teacher

Elizabeth Hasley(Cameron Diaz) bids goodbye to her colleagues at John Adams Middle School, referred by everyone as JAMS. She had worked there for the past one year keeping a very low profile thereby alienating herself from her colleagues. For her, this is a temporary stopover with shorter hours and no accountability till she marries her boyfriend. As the wedding is set for the next month, she resigns from JAMS. But on the same day, her boyfriend breaks up with her as he realizes Elizabeth is only interested in his money.

After spending an uneventful summer looking for innocent moneybags as prospective husbands, Elizabeth returns to JAMS. Her colleagues welcome her back. She is friendly with Lynn Davies but irritated at Miss Perfect Amy Squirrel(Lucy Punch). She also wards off the friendly advances made by the gym teacher Russell Gettis(Jason Segel). When she accidentally bumps into the new substitute teacher Scott Delacorte(Justin Timberlake), her hopes are up. Scott is rich and handsome. Elizabeth is determined to ensnare Scott into her trap. For that, she needs to have bigger tits. But the operation costs money which Elizabeth do not have.

Now, Elizabeth focuses all her energy into making money for the breast enhancement surgery by manipulating everyone around her. Her various attempts results in angering Amy who also has an interest in Scott. Elizabeth’s love for booze & marijuana and mode of teaching or lack of it by showing videos to the students also fuels the irk of Amy.

Jake Kasdan directs this entertaining comedy. Jakes narrates a story of a woman who is determined to achieve her goals by any means. Even when she reluctantly helping others, her mean streak is dominant. Yet, the viewer has fun watching the antics. The lines are funny because the way in which the characters deliver it and these lines resonates the theme of meanness.

Cameron Diaz delivers a delightful performance as Elizabeth Hasley. She is a superficial person. Even the scene when she realizes this fact is also done beautifully. The men has less meaty roles. Justin Timberlake as Scott is an intended caricature which watching these scenes a fun. Jason Segel as Russell is perfect.

Go for it. It will make you laugh. But beware of foul language and nudity.

Language: English

Genre: Comedy

Rating: ***

Tags: Movies,Cameron Diaz,Jason Segel,Justin Timberlake,Jake Kasdan,Comedy


  1. @Harish - It is funny. I enjoyed it. I didn't carry any expectations when I went for the movie.

  2. Lol! Sounds like a funny movie! Will try and get my hands on it!


  3. @K10 - Enjoy the movie and let me know if you liked it.


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