Swans and their significance

Signs play a a major role in communication. During my visit to Gent, there were two swans on the building that hosts Marriott hotel. The building is a remnant of the past. Thankfully, it has been maintained well.

Swans are a symbol of love. This was told to me by a guide. On thinking more about it, I agree with it. Wasn’t there a story we heard in our childhood where swan played the go-between?

If you look carefully, the swans are not facing each other. If the swans face each other, it means love. When the swans are not facing each other, it means paid love. Yes, the building was a brother in the old days.

Picture Courtesy: http://lodging.uptake.com/blog/marriott-ghent-in-belgium.html/marriott-ghent-belgium

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  1. hey... even i have seen swans at many places.. but i never knew what they meant..!!
    Thanks for sharing..!!!

  2. @Madhulika - :) Swans and how they face is the key.

  3. Yes, in the Indian context, they were, and are.

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  5. swans not facing - paid love!!! hmmm...symbols n their relevance!
    nice read

  6. @Anil P - I found out the swans mean the same thing in the Western context too.

    @Madhulika - I was travelling. Reached back today. Thank you and will check it out soon.

    @Sujatha - Thank you. These were new learning to me too.

  7. Paid love?
    I never knew that! :O
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  8. @Yash1229 - Thanks for dropping by. he he. Soliciting...? Not good. However, I have promoted yours. Thanks.


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