Friday, June 3, 2016

Pappettan never gets bitter

Do you feel bitter when a friend lets you down? You may be disappointed. But does that disappointment turn into bitterness? While you answer the question, do you know that bitter words can destroy a good relationship? If you are feeling resentful, then what you utter will also be bitter. Most of the time, you spit out how you feel. It takes extraordinary abilities to control the negative emotions. But I stand corrected. There is one person who is above all human weaknesses. That person is none other than our Pappettan.

When the sun came out of hiding in the spring, we organized a photo walk. The mission was to photograph the lovely spring flowers in their natural habitat. After deliberation, we narrowed on a day where there was ample light but low temperatures. We can drape layers and layers of clothes to warm ourselves up, but we are unable to coax the weather god. On the day of the mission, a friend of ours decided to back out. I was consumed with rage and hatred, but Pappettan kept his cool. When we reached the destination, the levels of anger has climbed exponentially. At the meeting place, the rest of the friend raised the obvious question? Where is the other friend?

I was about to explode at this stage. When I had formulated all my bitterness and was about to respond, I heard a calm voice beside me. It was Pappettan. He had anticipated this moment and taken the lead quietly. "It is quite cold today for Spring. You know he can't handle cold. So he decided to skip." With this rationale, everyone accepted and felt sorry for the friend who missed the event. It also made me pause and rethink the whole scenario. Yes, our friend couldn't handle cold weather. It was the reason for him to skip the photo walk. But why was I concentrating on my disappointment and not the real reason for him to miss the occasion? 

Photo Courtesy: Navaneeth KN
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pappettan and Vincent Bhavana

Over the weekend, I saw "Maheshinte Prathikaaram." I have heard a good review about the movie. Fortunately, the glowing reviews did not dampen the viewing pleasure. It is an intriguing movie as it is not easy to pinpoint the success of the movie. You might come up with many points, but the story will not be one of those points. That is the brilliance of the movie. There is a wafer-thin plotline, but you are hooked. When compared to "Premam" which was tightly packed with conversations, "Maheshinte Prathikaaram" diametrically opposite. Mahesh Bhavana, the protagonist, is a simpleton. In a harsh tone, we can call him the proverbial frog in the well. He doesn't get out of the well. But he sees his well in a different way giving the movie a flavor of coming off age. And Vincent Bhavana is Mahesh's dad who indirectly influences the change.

There are many similarities between Pappettan and Vincent Bhavana. Before we delve into the similarities, let us address the obvious differences. Obvious is the keyword is here. There is a difference which is not very apparent. I will treat this difference at the end. Pappettan and Vincent Bhavana are not the same agewise or looks-wise. Pappettan is decades younger than Vincent Bhavana, and he is also more handsome than the latter. Then they are both photographers, sees beauty all around them and can inspire people. Vincent Bhavana in the movie advises his son on the essential trait for a photographer. As a photographer, you have to sense a beautiful moment about to unfold before you and be ready with your camera. This line also happens to Pappettan's favorite. Compassion or an inordinately strong experience can groom you to predict the beautiful moment.

Now to the differences. According to Vincent Bhavana, you can learn photography, but you cannot teach photography. It is a philosophical statement. You can point and click. But that does not guarantee a good picture. Unless and until you appreciate and value the beauty around you, there will not be great photos. Vincent Bhavana leaves Mahesh to figure this out. Pappettan does not stop at this point. In fact, he tries to open your inner eyes. He will help you in every which way possible to fasten your learning process.

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