Pappettan teaches how to get a salary increase

When everything around becomes expensive day by day, we must have an increased income to make both ends meet. While we are seldom happy with the meager salary increments every year, there is a less fortunate group of people who never get a salary increment. There are several ways to deal with these situations. One way is to reduce our spending while the other way is to look for a job with higher pay. Of course, Pappettan has a different way of looking at it. Now, I am getting ahead of the story. So, let me go back to the beginning.

The event starts with an unhappy friend. Unhappiness is something I could handle. So I fired the first shot when three of us - she, me, and Pappettan - were together.

Me: *gently* Is anything bothering you?

She: *absent-minded* Something at work!

Me: *concerned* Would you like to share what is happening?

She: *after a brief pause* I didn't get a salary raise this year.

Me: *surprised* Isn't that unusual?

She: *in a resigned tone* No, it isn't. Many haven't got one in the past few years.

Me: *listening intently*

She: *disappointed* But that is no excuse. I have worked very hard.

Me: *at a loss of words*

Pappettan: *calmly* There is a way to earn your salary raise.

She: *interested* How?

Pappettan: *like an investigator* How many hours do you work in a week?

She: *explaining* Fifty hours. Sometimes more, although the norm is forty-hour week.

Pappettan: *in a matter of fact tone* Then, it is easy to earn a raise.

She: *anxiously waiting*

Pappettan: *like a professor* Next week onwards, you work for 35 hours. Although you earn the same, you work for less. And, you get the same money. You could consider that as a raise!

I love Pappettan's advice. I am sure you may too. But if you want to adopt these wise ways in your life, do it at your risk. In other words, don't blame if you fall flat, but share the story of your falling for it may be of interest to others.

Photo Courtesy: Evan Jackson


  1. I faced the same issue in my current work place. One year without increment and 4% raise the next year. I was really pissed. Moving out was not an option because I wanted flexibility in work, and the domain I work in is really good. When I whined over coffee to my colleague, she suggested me to take advantages of the company resources rather. We luckily have a lot of in-house training sessions which are extremely expensive if done outside campus. I charted out a growth plan and enrolled for them. It helped.

  2. I hear this from my husband at times and from friends too! In fact someone had suggested this as a jest, don't remember who it was though. Since I work freelance and my area being art, no fixed salary, no increment and all the hardwork with no fixed office hours! And yet I can't quit it!


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