52 nights unplugged

Ever since I configured my official and personal emails on my Blackberry, I am constantly checking emails even in the middle of important conversations! Staying connected is a boon when you are in a high critical project where fuses go off at the drop of the hat. But this also has negative effects. These days, I'm checking emails every 30 minutes (weekends included). If I get up in the middle of the night, the first thing I reach for is the cell phone to check emails!

Although I'm still ailing, I came across Ariel Meadow, who is actually doing something about this affliction. Ariel is a self confessed internet addict. After attending a workshop on finding balance between technology and soul, she decided to "completely unplug from anything with a screen" for one night a week for a year. I wish her all the best.

52 Nights Unplugged on the Today Show


  1. Get another addiction to get rid of this one :-)

  2. Like quitting smoking and starting pan. :)


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