Cultural learning sponsored by Sri Rama Sene

On Jan 24th, Sri Rama Sene gave a lesson on culture to the entire nation. They barged into "The Lounge", a pub in Mangalore, and roughed up young girls for not conforming to traditional Indian norms.

I'm a still confused about the traditional Indian norms. Is this any literature available on the same? A search on google for "Traditional Indian norm" did not yield any desirable result.

Interpreting what is reported on the media, non-conformance to "Traditional Indian norm" could be one or more of the following

  • Hanging out in a pub
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Wearing westernized clothes

The guidelines on how to impose penalty on the offenders are simple. Beat them up!

Post script

Some of the architects of this cultural lesson were arrested. If you look at their pictures, you will see a saffron shawl wrapped around their shoulders. In reality, they could have adopted a "Gandhigiri" approach. If they were really worried about the traditional Indian norms, they could have walked into the pub and covered violators of our great Indian tradition with the saffron shawl. This would have conveyed a stronger message. It would also have increased their fan base.