No Q and A in Bangalore

While the hype and curiosity is mounting on Slumdog Millionaire (Slumdog Crorepati in Hindi) slated for release in India on Jan 23rd, Q & A, the novel on which the movie is based on, is out of stock in Bangalore. For the past three weeks, I have been searching for this book in all local bookstores.

In the past, if a movie is based on a novel, the local book stores are flooded with the novel weeks before the movie is released. Last year during the Oscar season, I found Atonement, Oil and No Country for Old men at the Landmark in Gurgaon. This year, with all the buzz created around Slumdog Millionaire, there isn't a single copy available in any bookstore. Even the guys at the counter do not offer to order a copy for you! The standard line is "No word from the publisher".

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  1. Had seen a glimpse of Q & A by Vikas swarup at multiple places. I think it is a more "masala" version of the screenplay (which one the golden globe) - heres a link that will give you a glimpse.

    keep writing and kudos to the spirit that started it :-)

  2. This piece of movie crapola? Do not bother yourself. For once I agree with the Big B.


  3. Typically it is very interesting to read a novel and then watch the movie. This enables you to be a good critic of the director since you evaluate his style of adaption.

    And in case you do the reverse then you end up hating the movie.


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