Judiciary versus Law Enforcement

While we were busy working on our respective official and domestic assignments on 19th and 2oth February, a high-voltage drama was unfolding in various parts of Tamil Nadu. The cast included lawyers and police while the causalities comprised of people from both categories, private & public properties and police stations. Private & private properties were vandalized and police stations burnt down.

Although our country has witnessed similar protests in the pasts, this is the most shocking. In the world of checks and balances, lawyers are a good check on the police. They make sure the police have made a good (or bad) case against the accused. They make sure a fair trial is given to the accused. They also the subject matter expert on the system (law).

Is this righteous anger against an organization that is beyond redemption? Is this why the police stations had to be purified by fire? Is this why lawyers took law into their hands?

Is this unadulterated ego? Till 19th, lawyers were a different class. They were beaten up the cops. Now, this is revenge time. Eye for an eye. In this case, your office for my property!

The whole incident is sending out wrong signals. Both of these organizations are vital for the country’s functioning. Even if one of them fails, there is no hope for us!