Movie: The Bucket List

Two terminally ill patients create a list of things to do before the time runs out. In other words, before they hit the bucket. Hence the name "The Bucket List".

The movie stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. As a big fan of American movies, I was naturally excited about seeing these two actors perform on the screen. But I was disappointed after seeing the movie.

The story is a big letdown. Two diametrically opposite people are terminally ill and ends up sharing the same room in hospital. They make a to-do list before dying. Ultimately, they end up making each other's life better.

We have seen similar stories over and over again in the past. The story is conforming to the successful formula of a "feel-good" Hollywood movie. Two protagonists. Strangers first unaware of each other's existence. Friends for major part of the movie. Then, angry with each other till the climax. Forgiving each other as the credit roll.

Morgan Freeman plays the main character in addition to being the narrator. This is a role that comes naturally to Freeman since he has been doing this from the "Shawshank Redemption" days. Jack Nicholson plays the grumpy (old) man which is again a cakewalk for him.

See it when you have run out of other options. But please watch this when you are entertaining your friends. They are other options available.