Movie: The Dark Knight

When Gordon flashes the calling card of the Joker at the end of the “Batman Begins”, my mind was speculating on the actor who will be chosen to play the role. Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of the role in the Tim Burton series was still fresh in my mind.

When Heath Ledger was finally zeroed in for enacting the role, I was skeptic. During the pre-production days, there was a lot of buzz about the psychopathic Joker. The accidental death of Heath Ledger due to drug overdose led to more anxiety and curiosity. I was anxious of not getting a Batman movie and curious about how the movie will shape up.

The story picks up where “Batman Begins” left off. Batman and Gordon are hitting the mob where it hurts. Bruce, the alter ego of Batman, has broken off with his childhood sweetheart, Rachel. Rachel is dating the new DA, Harvey Dent, who has an impeccable record of fighting crime. A new criminal, the Joker, is steadily becoming prominent.

When pushed to a corner by Batman, Gordon and Harvey, the mob enlists the services of the Joker. The Joker is successful in killing the mayor and the commissioner of the Gotham City. The Joker is arrested while he makes an attempt to kill Harvey.

The Joker escapes the prison. He kills Rachel and disfigures Harvey. He poisons the mind of Harvey. Harvey takes law in his hand and becomes Two Face.

The Joker is captured and Two Face is killed at the end. But Batman and Gordon decides not to reveal to the world about the Harvey’s transformation. Batman takes up the blame. Gotham turns against Batman.

Christopher Nolan has made a worthy sequel to “Batman Begins”. On the lines of the predecessor, the theme of “The Dark Knight” is dark and the characters are complex. The Joker is an exception. The Joker is plain evil.

Christian Bale is good as Batman/Bruce. Batman is tired and wants someone else to carry on the legacy. He almost finds a replacement. But, in the end, he loses him. Christian Bales makes us sympathize with Batman/Bruce.

Heath Ledger is fantastic as the Joker. The Joker is not a complex character. He loves anarchy. Heath Ledger puts in a great performance. He has the best lines in the movie. He has complemented the best lines with mannerisms. When Rachel confronts the Joker after he has crashed into Bruce’s party, the Joker starts talking to her. But, not before he combs his hair into place using his fingers.

Heath, we will miss you. You have become the James Dean of this decade (or even this century! Who knows!). Yes, my skepticism was misplaced!

Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are efficient while adding respectability to the cast.

Buy the DVD. This is a collector’s item.

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