Movie: Jumper

Since medieval times, a war has been raging between Jumpers and Paladins. Jumpers are people who can teleport. Paladins are their nemesis. The movie begins with a jumper narrating us his story. He was a shy teenager who discovers his teleporting abilities accidentally and then perfects this skill. In eight years, he has grown into a young man who is globetrotting teleporter who robs banks to sustain his lifestyle. A paladin catches up with him. He is helped by a fellow jumper, whose aim is to kill paladins.

If you have understood the plot so far, here is the final twist. The hero's mother is a paladin.

The movie is directed by Doug Liman. He had directed Bourne Identity and Mr & Mrs Smith earlier. While I was impressed with the former film, I was terribly disappointed with the latter. I'm disappointed with Jumper too. As a director, the movie would have been exciting for Doug Liman. The movie is shot in multiple continents and multiple locations. At the same time, it is challenging to execute the teleporting sequences (even if it is all CG). Since the movie has a predictable (bordering on cheesy) plotline, all the efforts of the director in managing this complexity goes unnoticed. If you remember X2, the teleporting scenes are not even half as exciting as Nightcrawler's teleporting scenes.

Even Samuel L Jackson sleepwalks through the role. He looks bored and unconvinced most of the time.

If you want a background noise while washing your dishes, go for this one!