Movie: Sex and the City

This is the sequel to the successful television series of the same name. The Carrie Bradshaw got stuck in a time warp in terms of growing up.

The movie starts off 3 years from the time when the series ended.

Charlotte is happy with her husband. They have adopted a kid. Miranda is a busy mom, less interested in sex and still complaining about everything in the world. Samantha is still stuck with her superstar boyfriend. Carrie is still in love with Big.

Carrie and Big decides to exchange marriage vows thereby ending a 10 yr on and off relationship. But, Big develops cold feet and becomes the Runaway bridegroom.

Miranda’s husband cheats on her and confesses about the one time infidelity. Samantha is having trouble coping with the one-man situation. Charlotte is having a perfect life and gets pregnant too.

Finally, all is well that ends well.

The series is an encyclopedia on dating, relationships and fetishes! Since the episodes lasts only 30 minutes, they tell interesting stories without trying the patience of the viewer. You easily identify with the characters as you have either seen similar people in real life or embodies a little bit of it in your self.

The sex factor is toned down in the movie. The series was raunchy. Who wants to see Samantha in chains especially when it is not a metallic one and an invisible one as a result of a steady relationship?

The movie is touted to be the dessert by the people behind the camera. It is the dessert because you had the main meal (the series), you have waited for a while and now you have the dessert (the movie). If this is the dessert, I will give it a pass. I will equate this movie to the restaurant, Mainland China. The food is good. But, the dessert is a turn off.

If you are interested in the keeping up with the latest trends in fashion (woman’s), then you might like this one.