No Cussing Club

Having fed up of hearing his peers swearing a lot, McKay Hatch has started a no cussing club! Mckay is a 15 years old boy from South Pasadena, California. As per the web site, it has over 20,000 members in 25 countries. Quite an achievement for an young boy activist!

The tagline is simple. "Ya wanna hang with us? Don't Cuss". They also have a video promoting "No Cussing Club".

Not everyone is amused with this idea. There is a widespread discontent against "No Cussing Club". There has been pizza orders worth $2000 delivered to McKay's house. Porn is sent to him on a regular basis. Now, he has started getting death threats. His parents has contacted the police after the death threat. Death threat to a 15 yr old! That is disgusting.

We should be encouraging McKay for taking up activism at an young age!