I was invited to a Car-O-Bar late in the night yesterday. Having acquired a temporary single status, I’m suddenly a target for all these friendly invitations. I was watching a movie on DVD when I got a call from my neighbor inviting me to the Car-O-Bar.

A Maruti Esteem in the parking garage was the “Car” and a bottle of rum with Coke was the “Bar” which made up this Car-O-Bar. Although I did not drink, I met up with my neighbors for a chit-chat in the Car-O-Bar.

I’m comfortable in having a drink perched around a table. I dislike drinking in constricted space unless I’m already wasted. Moreover, the car stinks after the party.

Car-O-Bar is a viable option in the recession. I encountered this phenomenon in Delhi for the first time where the locals favor drinking in the car.