Hidden Kitchen: Cafe Terra


This was recommended by my brother-in-law. This is located in Koramangala on 80 ft road right next Little Home restaurant. The cafe features English breakfasts with toast, scrambled eggs and sausages. They come along with baked beans which turned out to be very sweet because of the tomato sauce. They also feature other varieties of omelets and a Belgian breakfast with waffles. The restaurant has a collection of comics for us to read while feasting on their food. They have Tintin, Mad and other assorted comics. This is a perfect place to hang out if you do not have anything else to do.


 I went into restaurant at 10 am in the morning. It was almost empty. But the crowd started coming in by 10:30 am. There was a couple near me who was out on an breakfast date.

The cafe also features Thai and Tibetan dishes.

 Cafe Terra is on the first floor above the dry cleaners, Band box.

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