Hidden Kitchen: Sue’s Food Plaza

The place boasts of Caribbean cuisine. While researching on the net, I found a lot of negative reviews on “burrp”. Nevertheless, I decided to try it out.

Shri Krishna Temple Road, where this is located,  is difficult to locate unless you have already checked it out on the map. On my way to the restaurant, I struggled to find the location.

As there were 5 and a half of us, we tried out 5 different dishes – Sue’s special beef steak, Sue’s jeera pork, Sue’s special jamaican jerk chicken, Juicy Trinidad stew beef and Sue’s special chicken steak. We also tried their Cocorico drink.

Cocorico drink is non-alcoholic and has a coconut flavor. Most of the main courses are served with an helping of rice and a salad. The salad is slightly sweet with a pineapple flavor.

Most of us liked Sue’s jeera pork. I tried the Juicy Trinidad stew beef. It was very juicy. Although I loved it, I was not able to finish it. We packed it.

I recommend you to try out the restaurant. It is different. The cost is slightly on the higher side. This is ideal place to give your spouse a much deserved break.

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