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A recent conversation with my uncle turned towards the topic of hospitals and doctors. He was recuperating after a angioplasty. Following the operation, he started bleeding. The doctors stopped the bleeding in time. The vein, that had been cut for angioplasty, was reopened while he was resting after the surgery. This may be due to sudden movements.

“The bed was full of blood. I imagined going directly to first floor. But now, I’m shuttling between the third and the second floor”, my uncle recounts the experience and chuckles. In the hospital, morgue is in the first floor whereas the operating theater and his room are on the second and third floor respectively. I couldn’t help laughing. Why lose an opportunity to crack a joke and why lose an opportunity to appreciate the joke?

A week before my uncle underwent angioplasty, an angiogram was conducted on him. After the angiogram, he had a slight pain in the area where they used the medical equipment. While doctor was doing the final checkup before discharging, my uncle remarked about it. As a result, he underwent additional examinations.

“A pain that costs me Rs 1000!”, says my uncle. “Others in the hospital, who underwent angiogram, experienced the same pain. The pain diminishes as the day progresses. They kept quiet. I opened my mouth and I’m Rs 1000 lighter”, he continues.

I’m not a doctor or a healthcare professional. I go to an hospital, when I’m in need, hoping they know what to do. But how do I know if they are lying? Even I have a hunch about the lies, will I take a risk with the life of a dear one?

Revenue generation has become a major criteria in our life. In order to sustain, we need the revenues to come in. How do the hospitals generate the revenues? Try the recurring revenue model on the patients. We suck you in deeper with more examinations!


  1. Sorry to hear about you Uncle Nona.Medical care is one organized big racket, the other day my son was hospitalized for a day with Wheezing problems & the hospital (a well known one) charged me 4000Rs towards Oxygen support. It mentioned the amount towards 4 cylinders! (for a single day for a 4 year old child? You can hazard a guess)

  2. @Vasant
    Hope you son is doing well now.

    A friend told me about a parent who was keeping a tab on each item used in the hospital. He was even counting the number of gloves that was used so as not to get overcharged. This happened in US.

  3. He is doing fine now Nona, I am only worried about the amount of medication the doctors hv prescribed.
    I have put your blog link on my site under Coblogurz, hope that's OK with you.

  4. @Vasant
    Good to know he is doing fine. We can't help the amount of medication. The only way is to find a doctor who believes in using less medication which is very difficult to find.

    Thanks for adding me to Coblogurz. :)


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