On Sunday at 6:12 am, I woke up from deep slumber. I was supposed to meet my friends at 6 am at Bommanahalli. We had booked an Innova the previous day and my friends were waiting for me to arrive. I scrambled, got ready and reached Bommanahalli at 7 pm.


After the customary photo session to kick off the journey, we started off. Being Sunday, the traffic was light in the morning. We had a stopover at Maddur for a filling gas. We had a short tea break. From Maddur, we had a non stop journey till Melkote.

Melkote boasts of a group of small hills. A Vishnu temple is located at the heart of Melkote. We visited the temple and sat outside the temple in the mandap. A couple of friends played “Who can touch the roof” game in the mandap. We captured that on camera.

DSC04387 DSC04388

Very close to the temple, there is an artificial pond named Kalyani. The pond is built by digging deep into the earth and is rectangular in size. They have built steps all around the pond in stones. The water was green in color indicating algae. There are mandaps built at the top of the steps.

DSC01555 DSC01557

We left for Srirangapatnam from there.

How to get there?

  1. Take Mysore Road (SH 17) towards Mysore.
  2. Take a right after Mandya (There are signposts indicating the direction towards Melkote).

What to do there?

  1. Cheluvanarayana Swami temple
  2. Kalyani

What to wear?

It is hot out there mostly. I advice you to wear shorts. Try layered clothing in case you visit during the rains or winter.