Movie: The Brave One

Erica Bain(played by Jodie Foster)  is a radio show host working out of NY. On an evening stroll, she and her boyfriend is assaulted. Erica survives while her boyfriend dies. It takes a while for Erica to piece together her sanity. After the incident, she is afraid of the city. In order to walk on the streets, she gets a gun illegally. In a shoot out in a local store, Erica uses her gun to escape from the robber. She kills the robber. Although shaken, she recovers quickly.She begins walking the nights and cleaning up bad elements.

Meanwhile, Detective Mercer(played by Terence Howard) is in charge of all the murders committed by Erica Bain. He is also big fan of Erica as he loves her radio show. Mercer gets friendly with Erica and slowly figures out the killer. He is torn between friendship and duty. Finally, Mercer helps Erica to complete her revenge. He concocts a story so as to clear Erica.

Jodie Foster and Terence Howard have done similar roles in the past. They have given a decent performance in this movie. NY is shown in a darker tone setting the mood for the movie. This is an ideal watch on a weekday.

Erica Bain conveys the transformation after a life-altering incident in a conversation with Detective Mercer. Mercer ask Erica about how she managed to come back after the incident. Erica looks at Mercer and slowly replies that she did not come back. She became a different person.

You are right, Erica. We become a different person when we are shaken up.