Movie: Flashbacks of a Fool

Joe Scott(Daniel Craig) is a fading star. He was famous and successful. But now, he is faltering because of his lifestyle. After losing out on a major deal, he reminisces his past.

Following a tragedy and consumed by guilt, Joe ran away from home to become an actor. He left behind his family, his best friend and his first crush.

Now, he goes back to his village to meet his first crush. She had married his best friend and her husband has passed away now.

The movie is very slow and has a dark tone. There are no twists and turns. The music in the movie becomes very annoying at times. Daniel Craig is good and shows us he can do something beyond Bond.

The movie has love making scenes. So, view with discretion if kids are around.

As the movie is predictable and holds no surprises, watch it if you want to calm your nerves with a drink and a movie.