Movie: Knocked Up

Seth Rogen and Katherine Hiegl play the oddball couple in this comedy. After a one night stand, Katherine Hiegl gets Knocked Up. Then, the movie deals with their life in the following weeks till childbirth.

Seth Rogen is a slacker while Katherine Hiegl is a successful executive. They are not your typical couple and this actually fuels a lot of laughs. Paul Rudd, playing Katherine Hiegl’s brother-in-law is funny. In his characteristic style, Paul Rudd performs hilarious sequences with a straight face and without going overboard.

The parents of the protagonists also evoke laughter. Seth’s dad wants to keep the child while Katherine’s mom is against it. To add to the drama, Katherine’s sister disapproves of Seth.

The derivatives of the four letter word are sprinkled liberally in the movie. But, I didn’t feel the dialogues to be vulgar at any point in the movie.

The movie focuses on the relationship between two diametrically opposite personalities. It is a long movie (tipping over 2 hours). But this is a perfect watch during the weekend.