Movie: Lakeview Terrace

Abel Turner(Samuel L Jackson) is living with his son and daughter in Lakeview Terrace, an housing community in LA. The neighborhood is quiet and Abel, being a cop, watches over the community. He is a strict disciplinarian with his kids and has been bringing up them alone after the loss of his wife in an accident.

Chris(Patrick Wilson) and Lisa(Kerry Washington) moves into Lakeview Terrace and becomes Abel’s neighbor. As they set up their new home, tensions start building up between Abel and Chris. Abel dislikes the interracial couple and the open display of affection. He also dislikes his kids getting friendly with the new neighbors. At one point, Abel’s anger and contempt makes him to cross the lines.

Neil LaBute directs this thriller. He sets the tone of the movie gradually and keep the viewers engrossed. He builds the drama by making Abel react to the environment created by his new neighbors. You see a disciplinarian Abel Turner in the initial part of the movie. Slowly, the mask is taken off and the inner demons come out.

Samuel L Jackson is apt as Abel Turner. Without going overboard, he is able to portray a prejudiced person. The movie rests on his shoulders.

Watch it.