Movie: Pineapple Express

Dale(Seth Rogen) is a process server, who makes a living by serving subpoenas. He loves to smoke weed and aspires to be a talk show host on radio. Saul(James Franco) is Dale’s drug supplier.

After obtaining a new variant of weed named Pineapple Express, Dale goes to serve subpoena to Ted(Gary Cole), a drug kingpin. There, he witnesses a murder by committed by Ted and Officer Carol(Rosie Perez). He throws away the roach and escapes. Ted figures out the supplier from the roach and sends out his hitmen after Dale and Saul. Now, Dale and Saul starts running away from Ted.

What promises to an excellent chase movie on paper does not translate into one on screen. Probably, it was because I was not high on Pineapple Express to enjoy the movie! The movie moves at a snail’s pace.

James Franco, in the role of drug dealer, surprises us. This is a departure from his usual roles as a handsome boy. Seth Rogen is okay. Overall, the movie is worth a miss.