Movie: Red Chillies

Great! The movie was released in Kerala a week back. This is Lalettan’s treat for Valentine’s day. It is directed by Shaji Kailas! But the promos were slick with Lalettan looking great sporting a stubble.

The initial scenes show events happening in Kochi and Singapore. The location, date and time are flashed on the scene. An application form is submitted in Kochi corporation while an hired gun lands in Singapore for killing OMR. After numerous jump cuts interspersed with freezes, Lalettan is introduced as OMR.

A convoy of cars! Wow! Merc! Of course, this is going to be Lalettan’s car. OK. A jump cut for Merc’s(oops… OMR’s) arrival. But why is the Merc freezing in the middle? Whatever! Time to whistle. There comes Lalettan.

OMR picks up the hired assassin from a tattoo parlor and dispatches him back to Kochi in one piece and breathing. The person ordering the hit remains shrouded in mystery.

Does he know the identity of the villain?

Back in Kochi, OMR runs a FM channel(ton kanikkinu fun! 94.3!). FM channel is run by 9 young girls dubbed as Red Chillies.

Aaah.. the name makes sense now! But are there 9 girls?  I’m not able to count. These girls are already getting on my nerves. No wonder OMR stays away from these girls and uses phone to communicate.

A veteran politician rallies against OMR as he believes OMR to be part of the land mafia. OMR is keeping a watch on the politician.

OMR is listening to the speech on his cellphone (using bluetooth device), rendered by the politician in Kerala, while driving in his Merc and tapping on the computer. Technology! Global Village!

OMR is going to choose one of the Red Chillies to run his new FM channel in Singapore on Jan 1st. He asks them to enjoy the new year party. While going to the new year’s party, the girls violates traffic rules and ignores the police officers.

Another song. Yawn. They are not showing a lot of Lalettan.

The next morning, a young man is found dead in the house where Red Chillies stay. The veteran politician is run over by a vehicle along with a group of people who were staging a protest. The cops arrives in the house of Red Chillies and then they move to the murder site of the old politician. The veteran politician’s son is an high ranking police official. Now, the investigators are also taking it personally since someone has murdered their colleague’s father. Red Chillies are the suspects.

Siddique, Ganesh, Vijayakumar and Biju Menon. Siddique is very effective while others are okay.

A cat and mouse game follows. OMR lead the girls from one place to another keeping them away from the cops. Their cell phones are being tracked by the cops. OMR provides a satellite phone to the girls.

Why does the satellite phone look like a Panasonic cordless phone? Till now, Lalettan is shown only for a brief period of time. Shaji is going to drag this drama till interval and then Lalettan will fly down to Kochi to solve all this.

One of the Red Chillies get lost midway. The girls reach an “Agraharam”. The house wherein the girls are captured belongs to APJ Abdul Kalam’s former friend!

The cops are just behind the girls. There is a rotten apple… errrrr rotten red chilly… on board! Why the reference to APJ Adbul Kalam. A friend of the former president harboring fugitives! How pathetic can it get?

OMR calls up the commissioner and announces his plans itinerary (flight number, seat number and seat location).


In Kochi international airport, the cops are not able to find OMR. OMR lands and is whisked away in a Merc but not before he has taunted the commissioner.

Thank God! Now, it is going to interesting. At least, I can watch Lalettan.

While the police frantically searches for OMR, he starts the investigation in his Merc by questioning people associated with Red Chillies and the veteran politician. The cops know OMR will come for bail application of Red Chillies. So they are waiting in the court premises and adamant not to let OMR see the Chillies. But the cops cannot stop OMR as he is a lawyer too!

I have lost it completely! How many things can a person do? I would like to have OMR in my team. He seems to the perfect team member who is multi-talented or multi-skilled. All my worries will be over in a day! After all, he is solving the entire case sitting in a Merc. I should advice this movie to my friends and colleagues as an inspirational one!

After more twists and turns, the missing red chilly is found and the real culprit is confronted.

Lalettan has put in a spirited performance. But Shaji had gone ahead with an half baked script. He has substituted style for substance. He has tried using the latest techniques in the film making. But, while watching the movie, these techniques are used not to move the story forward but to cover up the hollowness of the script.

As I walked out of the hall, I uttered OMR’s favorite catchphrase. Ramaaaa…