Movie: Sagar Alias Jacky Reloaded

“Sagar Alias Jacky” says Mohanlal to Ambika and walks out of the elevator in “Irupathaam Noottandu”. Mohanlal plays Sagar alias Jacky and Ambika plays a reporter working for an English weekly

“Sagar Alias Jacky” says Mohanlal to Bhavana in this new age version, walks down the staircase and in midway, fling his jacket over his shoulder. Mohanlal plays the same gangster Sagar alias Jacky while Bhavana plays Arti Menon who is a TV journalist with CMM.

When Sagar Alias Jacky got a facelift with Reloaded, a lot of things have changed. Sagar does not wear simple shirts (with buttons about to burst) anymore. He wears designer shirts, jeans and jackets covering up the expanding girth and oozing coolth. His operations are no longer restricted to Kerala. He has moved to Dubai. He no longer travels in a Maruti 800. He charters a jet to fly to India and always travels on road in an Hummer. He can use a rifle like Jason Bourne and also be a Chow Yun-Fat in a two handed pistol fight. As a result of all these changes, we get a very pleasurable viewing.

Manu(Manoj K. Jayan), who is CM’s son-in-law, is kidnapped. His wife, Indu (Shobana) gets a phone call asking for ransom. While the CM wants to help, his son Hari (Ganesh) refrains the police from interfering. As a result, Indu picks up the phone and dials for Sagar.

Meanwhile, Sagar alias Jacky,(Mohanlal) is intercepting the rivals of Naina(Telugu actor Suman) near Abudhabi-Dubai border. He is dressed up as the Dubai police and snatches the diamonds. He transports the diamonds using a pet eagle while he travels by road after a dress change. He meets up with Sniper Sheikh(Hindi actor Mukul Dev), a friend of Naina, after retrieving the diamonds from the eagle and a friend(Anthony Perumbavoor playing a cameo). But, Sagar is double-crossed by Naina and so, he give fake diamonds to Sniper Sheikh.

After this incident, Sagar alias Jacky(SAJ) goes to Kerala. He gathers up his boys and ends up in Goa searching for Manu. Manu is held captive by Rosario brothers(Tamil actor Sampath and Hindi actor Sherveer Vakkil). Manu is leading a double life and owes money to the Rosarios as gambling debt. SAJ saves Manu from the clutches of younger Rosario brother(Sherveer Vakkil) but leaves behind one of his men, Azhar, to bring back Manu’s car.

Manu is reunited with the family. But Azhar does not come back. Now, SAJ goes back to Goa to ensure “No man left behind” and gets back Azhar. This time, he has rubbed the older Rosario(Sampath) the wrong way. The villains enlists Manu and with Manu’s help, tries to attack SAJ. SAJ is victorious in the confrontation.

Manu has a change of heart and decides to part ways with the Rosarios. Rosarios kill Manu with the help of Sniper Sheikh. SAJ is blamed for the murder. But there aren’t enough evidence to link the murder charges to SAJ. Finally, SAJ cleans up the villains avenging Manu’s death.

On a parallel track, there is a TV reporter, Arti Menon(Bhavana), who secretly loves SAJ.

Amal Neerad has made an interesting movie. Amal has set the movie in Kochi, Goa, Leh and Dubai. He has also helmed the camera thereby making this movie a stylishly shot thriller. Here, the technology(flash cuts and slow motions) enhances the visual appeal.

SN Swami, the creator of SAJ, has reworked on the script. He has retained the famous dialogues in “Irupathaam Noottandu”. He has written the new story rhyming with the story of the predecessor.

Yesteryear’s background music by Shyam has been remixed by Gopi Sundhar.

The biggest weakness of this move is it’s climax. If you can forgive SN Swami and Amal Neerad for the climax, this is a great thriller. Go watch it. Accept the cinematic liberties taken and forgive the plot holes.


  1. its not that great i think............i think big b was more interesting.......

  2. @fireblade
    Big B was much more interesting. But I loved SAJ for the style and also the movie reminding me of Irupathaam noottaandu. In the cinema, the movie divided us into two sets of people - one who has seen the orignal( and kept comparing SAJ with the original) and the other being first time watchers(who were not carrying the baggage of the first movie)


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