A night of revelry

Last Saturday, I invited a group of friends home for drinks. I was conferred the status of “Single But Do Not Mingle” on preceding Monday. “Single” due to my spouse’s visit to her parents and “Do not Mingle” due to the commitment ring. Fortune smiled on me as my brother-in-law and his friend were also conferred the same title for a brief period of 3 days. The girls were supremely confident about our lack of finesse in mingling. They know better. Amen!

To celebrate, we gathered at my apartment. I was able to gather 7 friends and these friends fell under three different categories.

  1. Youngsters: These are young Turks. They are brimming with energy and wants to do everything possible in life. Below 25 years of age.
  2. Middle Aged: These are young but not Turks. They have seen much in life and at the same time, are willing to experiment more. Lies in the range between 25 years and 30 years.
  3. Super Seniors: Above 30 yrs of age. I and a friend constituted this group. (Stop counting! I am indeed above 30. Let’s keep it simple and uncomplicated!)

As the night wore on, we realized the supplies of liquor were dwindling. As a result, we made a second trip to the liquor store for replenishing the stock. The conversation grew louder as the supplies dipped in levels.

We ordered food. Although I wasn’t drunk, I gave them the wrong apartment number. Luckily, the delivery boy was able to find the apartment from the noise levels.

After the dinner, the enthusiasm levels dipped. The youngsters ended up on both sides of the couch giving the nice bed and mattress the boot. The middle aged found a comfortable resting place on the bed and mattresses.

We woke up the next day with terrible hang over. Slowly, good byes were exchanged and friends left one by one. The maid cleaned up the place, removed the bottles and the leftovers.

Having a diverse group also brought out some interesting observations.

  • While the youngsters gulped down their drinks, the middle aged and super seniors sipped their drinks.
  • To the boredom of youngsters, the middle aged and super seniors started discussing politics and history after getting high.
  • Middle Aged shot down the technical solutions from the youngsters.
  • Youngsters displayed the knowledge of cars and bikes openly to the silence of other groups.
  • Super Seniors talked seldom

As we age, our tastes differs. Sitting here, I’m glad I can empathize with each slice of life. Not because I have been there and done that, but because I had the similar zest for life in those stages.


  1. Wud you call people between 25-30 middle aged. Scary proposition.

  2. @Sanju
    I had to categorize the party people into three categories and the write in me could think of only the middle-aged. :)
    PS: You are still an youngster to me. :)

  3. Thanks Nona. Lets toast sometime on the same occasion with some old time middle-aged youngsters :D


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