Nonconsent and Shame

At 7:30 pm yesterday, I was engaged in a conversation with my friend outside my office. We were standing below the short slope connecting my office to the service road.

In the middle of the engaging conversation, my friend exclaimed, “Oh shoot! What did that guy do?”. I was facing away from the service road. So, I turned around towards my friend’s line of vision to find two young girls waiting for an autorickshaw. I was puzzled. Then, my friend explained.

The girls were waiting in the service road. Two guys on a motorbike came near them and grabbed at one of them. The guys, on the bike, moved away as if nothing has happened. This was all over in 5 seconds.

Although it was dark, the road was well lit. It is not a deserted area too. They were standing in front of an office building.

It was a mean and shameful act!

As a city grows, so does the population of miscreants. Does this mean the girls aren’t safe in Bangalore anymore? Don’t we have even a tiny bit of decency in us anymore?

As for the ladies, I advice you to learn self defense. Find out a self defense class (for defending against eve teasers) near your house or office and enroll in one. It is worthwhile. One karate chop and these guys would have fallen off the bike!

Following this incident, we went up to the girls and waited till they got on to a bus. The girls were grateful and we felt better. A day has gone by since the incident. But, I’m still haunted by the look of shame and helplessness in her eyes. Is this best we can do?