Are you forcing me to tip?

According to an article in TOI, the food bills may contain a 10% SC(service charge). So, kindly check your bill after enjoying a fine dining experience in order to avoid tipping twice.

How much do you tip? This is a moral dilemma after a dining experience. On top of it, there are no standards in India. I never questioned the reasons for tipping even though I always believed it should be based on my experience – the food and the service. Now, with addition of 10% of sales tax,  the consumer is being forced to tip regardless of the experience.

Take a look at the real reason for this! Restaurateurs say the reason is high attrition rate of workforce. In my opinion, the restaurants workers are being lured promising huge money in tips. So, they are being offered a very low package.

Attrition has always been an employer’s headache! How can this be passed on to the consumer without any changes in quality? Why would I tip for a average or below par experience?

Take the case of attrition. My employer plans for the next steps during my resignation. My employer also takes necessary steps to prevent it. In turn, as a manager, I also am ready for this eventuality with respect to my team members. We never go to the customer asking for a salary raise. However, we may charge a higher rate for getting things done.

In a similar line, let the restaurants streamline their processes. Otherwise, they can charge a higher price. If they are really good, footfalls will be the same irrespective of the higher price.