Biodegradable bags!

After ringing in the items, the person at the checkout counter at the Total Mall announced “We will be charging 1 Re for the bag”. It sounded more like a statement than a query. Announcement was made while the person’s fingertips rested on the “Enter” key of the billing machine and the other hand displayed an open bag.

Being the first time, I asked, “Why do I have to pay 1 Re?”. Explanation followed. “These are biodegradable bags”. My two cents for the environment! I pacified myself. But, I did not give up so easily. “Do I have a choice?”, I asked again. The person smiled helplessly. I interpreted the smile as a NO.

Now, I’m a frequent visitor to the mall. I pay one rupee every time I buy something from there. But there are certain things that are not clear to me.

Total Mall is promoting eco-friendliness. In order to that, why are they charging the consumer for the bags? Can’t they get more patronage and mileage by announcing free bags that are eco-friendly?

Total Mall is charging only one rupee irrespective of the number of bags used by the consumer. What is the real cost of these bags? Are they fleecing customers? Are they cashing in on my guilt of abusing the environment?

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