Dry day woes

Elections are over and I’m happy. My happiness do not stem from the sure win of the political party, I’m affiliated with.  I don’t even have a party! According to election guidelines, all liquor stores should suspend their operations for a specified number of days! Yeah, spoil sport.

When my brother-in-law visited on Tuesday, we couldn’t get our choice of poison as the neighborhood alcohol boutique, Madhuloka, was closed. Finally, we managed to drain pegs out of a leftover whiskey bottle from a previous party. We rinsed the entire bottle with club soda and before throwing away the bottle. Yeah, more with less.

Yesterday, at Spencer's, I saw another sad soul looking for alcohol. Spencers had sealed off their alcohol section fearing the brave among the sad souls might snatch a bottle and shoot past the door as a desperate measure. The shop assistants, with disdainful looks, explained the situation to the downcast customer. Yeah, no mercy and sympathy for the weak.

Smarter ones made a beeline in front of the liquor stores that are unofficially opened. These liquor stores are run by very generous philanthropists, who understands the hardships of an alcohol lover. They marked up the price way too high so that the customers do not feel indebted towards them. Yeah, we are for you only!

Today, we kiss good bye to all our dry day woes! The liquor stores reopens today! Yeah, baby.

The government will have a logic behind the closure of liquor stores during elections. But, coming to think of it, casting vote for a candidate is one of the major decisions. A citizen is not even sure about the final outcome while casting his vote. The final outcome determines his life in multiple ways for the next 5 years. Don’t you think the citizen deserves a drink during and after making up his mind?

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