Movie: Ayan

Deva (Surya) works for Doss (Prabhu). Doss is involved in pirated CD racket and acts as a go-between in various smuggling deals. Deva is well educated and helps Doss as he was a close friend of his father. Deva lives with his mother, who yearns to see him working as an government employee.

Deva and Doss are highly successful in their operations mainly due to the Deva’s quick thinking and intelligence. This invites rivalry from Kamlesh (Akashdeep Saigal) who is also involved in the same business. Kamlesh always tries to sabotage Doss’s operations and it is always Deva who saves the day. At a critical juncture, Deva directly intervenes in a drug deal by Kamlesh. This results in two coming together in direct confrontation.

The story of the film is as old as the hills. The narration is fast and slick. But, the songs appears as a speed breaker. K V Anand, the director, has made an entertaining movie. Being a cameraman, he gives us pleasing visuals on the screen. The story has been shot in multiple foreign locations. Thankfully, this movie does not have a separate comedy track! The dialogues used in the movie provides the necessary comic relief.

The movie works because of Surya. Like a chameleon, Surya switches between the loud yuppie and local boy effortlessly. The six pack abs, displayed judiciously throughout the movie, adds to the credibility of the character. Vijay tried his hands in a similar role a few months back in Villu and fell flat on his face.

Prabhu as the ageing smuggler is okay. Tamannah provides the glamour quotient. Jagan as Surya’s friend is a welcome change from the loud comedians. Akashdeep Saigal, making a debut in Tamil, sticks out like a sore thumb.

The trailers mislead you to think of this as an action movie. Although there is action, the emphasis is on the cat and mouse game played by Surya’s character with others. For action, watch out for the Parkour action scene in Likasi. Although the camera cuts from one angle to another in between the action to cover up continuity issues, the chase is one of the best picturized Parkour scene in an Indian movie.

Watch out for the brand placements in the movie. Sun TV (the producers of this movie) is featured throughout the movie. There are others. But, see for yourselves.

The film is heavily inspired from movies like Casino Royale, The Bourne Ultimatum, Catch me If You can and  Maria – Full of Grace to name a few. Still, this is an excellent watch on DVD.