Movie: Body of Lies

Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a CIA agent who is tracking down the dreaded terrorist, Al-Saleem. Ferris reports to Ed Hoffman(Russell Crowe). Hoffman watches over Ferris through an eye in the sky.

On the wake of Al-Saleem, Ferris land in Jordan. Here, he befriends Hani Salaam, head of the Jordanian General Intelligence Department. In spite of disapproving the American methods, Hani develops a liking for Ferris.

Hoffman constantly tries to undermine Hani’s operations by running secret operations in the background. Due to this, Al-Saleem destroys one of his own safe house in Jordan. Consequently, Ferris is asked to leave Jordan.

While in Washington, Ferris and Hoffman devises a plan to smoke out Al-Saleem. They plan and execute a mock attack on American military base. A fictitious group owns up the responsibility. This group also take up ownership of some of the previous attacks by Al-Saleem. Ferris sets up a Dubai based architect as the leader of this group. The idea is to catch Al-Saleem when he makes contact with Dubai based architect.

By this time, Ferris is requested back to Jordan by Hani. But, now the entire game becomes very dangerous for Ferris as Al-Saleem finds out the identity and intention of Ferris.

This is a good thriller, directed by Ridley Scott. The performances of Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe go unnoticed in front of the narrative style and technology used by Ridley Scott. This is a perfect weekend watch. Don’t look for performances. Concentrate on the explosions, camera and twists in the tale.