Movie: The Condemned

Breckel(Robert Mammone) is a TV producer. After being turned down by major networks, he goes into an island in the South Pacific. He plans to run a reality TV contest from the island and broadcast the show using the internet bypassing the regular TV networks.

As part of the contest, Breckel identifies 10 death row inmates. He will let loose them in the island for 30 hours. The one who survives will get the ticket to freedom with a lot of money. All the contestants have a ticking time bomb along with a GPS device tied to their legs.

Just before the contest starts, Breckel falls short of one contestant. Searching for an Arab contestant to lure the Middle East, Breckel finds an American, Jack Conrad(Steve Austin), in a Central American prison. Witnessing Jack’s prowess, Breckel chooses him as the final contestant.

Jack is not what he seems to be. A psychopathic ex-military Brit(Vinnie Jones) plays the bad element among the crowd.

The movie has action, violence, maiming and bomb blasts. This is worth a miss unless you are in the mood to see a really stupid movie.

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