Movie: Fred Claus

In North Pole, Mother Claus(Kathy Bates) give birth to a fat child, Nick. The older son, Fred, is very excited about the arrival of his brother. The initial excitement turns into wariness and then anger as Nick turns to be mama’s favorite with his acts of benevolence.

Years later, Fred(Vince Vaughn) lives away from his family. He is down on luck and issues with his girlfriend(Rachel Weisz). He rings up his brother, Nick Claus who has grown into Santa Claus(Paul Giamatti) now, for help after running into trouble with cops. Nick agrees to pay the bail amount of $5000 if Fred visits him in the North Pole. Fred persuades Nick to throw in an additional $50,000 for the visit.

Fred’s arrival into the North Pole coincides with arrival of Clyde(Kevin Spacey). Clyde is an efficiency expert who is running a check on Santa’s operation since he has been noticing problems with Santa’s delivery system. Clyde gives a warning to Santa that he is just three mistakes away from shutting down.

The rest of the story tells us how Fred helps in saving North Pole from complete shutdown by transforming hatred and finding peace with himself.

This is feel good movie with lot of cheesy moments. Watch it when you have absolutely nothing to do or if you are down in spirits.

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