Movie: Georgia Rule

Lily(Felicity Huffman) takes her daughter, Rachel(Lindsay Lohan), to her mother, Georgia(Jane Fonda), who lives in Idaho. Years ago, Lily had run away from her overbearing mother. Georgia is a strict disciplinarian leading a well planned life. Rachel is a spoilt kid while Lily is an alcoholic.

Lily is still intimidated by her mother. So, she leaves after quickly dropping her daughter at her mother’s house. Rachel finds it difficult to live with her grandmother as she has a rule for everything. She also has a set timetable for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Complying with one of her grandmother’s rule, Rachel finds employment with a local veterinarian, Simon(Dermot Mulroney). Simon was in love with Lily during their high school days. Now, he is a widower after losing his wife and only child in a tragic accident.

While trying to cheer Simon and help him come out of the shell, Rachel proclaims about abuse her stepdad. This changes her life and also the life of all those who are connected to her. Georgia and Simon are convinced about the abuse while Lily is not too sure.

The movie then lets the viewer find out what is the actual truth. The movie is a surprise for me as I had mentally tagged it as a chick flick. The movie is likeable primarily because of the performance of Lindsay Lohan. She is apt as the spoilt and confused kid. All the headlines she has made over the years helps us in identifying her with the role.

Ultimately, the movie is all about faith – faith in a dear one. Watch the movie and find out more.

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