Movie: IG

The capital of Kerala is rocked by bomb blasts. The Home Secretary(Sreeraman) is murdered in his office at the Secretariat. Durgaprasad(Suresh Gopi), currently serving as the Traffic IG, gets a new role as the Anti Terrorist Squad IG to get to the bottom of the mystery with blessings from the Chief Minister(Rajan P Dev) and police chiefs (Devan and Santhosh).

What follows is a clich├ęd scenario for Suresh Gopi to mouth larger than life dialogues and verbally bashing up everyone – including the villains and his superiors. Of course, the Chief Minister is also not spared from his diatribe (Please be advised not to get inspired for using the same modus operandi on your superiors. Most of them are guaranteed to be vengeful and powerful than the CM of Kerala as portrayed in this movie!). There are enough syntactically correct but corny English dialogues!

The nexus of the villains are Jihadi terrorist Yassin Khan, business tycoon Zachariah(Ashish Vidhyarthi) and leader of minority party leader Beeran Kutty(Sai Kumar). They turn out to props for Suresh Gopi to use his fiery dialogues, mighty fists and flashy guns.

When Suresh Gopi gets transferred to ATS, he has three officers reporting to him. Vijayaraghavan, Jagathy and Kiran Raj plays these officers. 20 minutes into the movie, Jagathy disappears. We get glimpses of Vijayaraghavan every now and then.

Govind Padmasurya plays Durgaprasad’s brother and Anaitha Nair(the Chak De girl) plays Beeran Kutty’s daughter. They provide us with a intercaste love story minus the necessary emotions and ending up as yet another prop (You would have guessed by now what these props are meant for!).

Watch this on DVD as a comedy movie. If you are going to a movie hall, make sure it has a good air conditioning system. Excellent movie to zzzzzz...