Movie: The Lookout

Chris Patt(Joseph Gordon-Levitt), high school hockey star, suffers a tragic accident on the prom night. As a result, he suffers from a mental disorder wherein he forgets what is happening around him quickly and is not able to remember it. He is working as a janitor in a local bank because the mental disorder leaves him incapable of doing anything else.

Chris is undergoing treatment for this disorder. In order to remember events, Chris keep a notebook where he records key information. He is sharing a room with a blind person, Lewis(Jeff Daniels). Together, they aspire to start a restaurant.

One day, Chris meets Gary Spargo(Mathew Goode), a senior during his high school years. Gary snares Chris in participating in a heist in the bank where Chris works. Chris, bitter with the world, agrees to this plan.

On the day of the robbery, Chris has a change of heart. But it is too late. All the planning goes wrong. Now, Lewis is also caught in the crosshairs of conflict with Chris and Gary. Chris has to quickly put together a plan to save Lewis. How does a person with memory challenges save his best friend?

Touted as a thriller, this is an average movie. You can see the twist and turns a mile away. Since the production values are good, you can still watch this on a quiet night.

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