Oracle Valley or Oracle Area…

Everybody has a reaction towards Sun joining Oracle’s harem. Some of my friends are expressing their indignation on Facebook. Experts are applauding the decision. While the world analyses the events from various perspectives, I’m thinking about the future landscape of the Silicon Valley and also the Bay Area.

If you check out the list of strategic acquisitions published on Oracle website, you will find 13 companies from this area that were acquired from 2005 till date.

  1. Peoplesoft, Pleasanton
  2. Siebel, Redwood City
  3. Sigma Dynamics, San Mateo
  4. Portal Software, Cupertino
  5. SPL WorldGroup, San Francisco
  6. G-Log, Redwood City
  7. Hyperion, Santa Clara
  8. Interlace Systems, San Mateo
  9. Bharosa, Santa Clara
  10. Bridgestream, San Francisco
  11. Oblix, Cupertino
  12. Tacit Software, Palo Alto
  13. ClearApp, Mountain View

Barring Peoplesoft, all the other companies are headquartered on both sides of Highway 101. If you check the list, the earlier forays into Silicon Valley has only resulted in smaller campuses compared to Sun.

In the near future, when you drive on Highway 101, you will only see Oracle building on both sides. Larry Ellison will be gazing down at the various Oracle properties while flying into town on his private jet or cruising on his yacht cutting through the cold waters of the Bay Area.

Larry should take a leaf from his neighbor in the North bay, George Lucas. He convinced San Rafael authorities to given him enough land and also name it Lucas Valley(although the near heavenly surroundings of Lucas Valley has not enhanced his creativity). On the same lines, Larry can rename these areas as the Oracle Valley or the Oracle Area…

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