Out of an Interstate Volvo

As soon as I alighted from the interstate Volvo on to Lakdikapul in Hyderabad, I realized most of the metros are similar. There was an army of auto rickshaw drivers near the door waiting for the passengers to step out. It was an army of khaki shirts in various styles – half sleeves, full sleeves, doctor sleeves, rolled up sleeves. Some wearing only the khaki shirts while others wearing it as a jacket. Some roll up the khaki shirts alone while other roll up the sleeves along with the sleeves of the shirt below. Sometimes, I wonder if the fashion designers are inspired by the auto rickshaw drivers!

My neck was stiff from the uncomfortable sleep in the Volvo and my energy levels were down since I skipped dinner the previous night. I was in no mood to argue. Hence I ignored all auto rickshaw drivers on my way out of the bus. Once outside, I watched the group curiously. The group of drivers were no different from their brethren in Bangalore.

The first among them are the confident ones. They are very sure that the tired passenger needs his help more than he needs their approval. So these go forward, greet and invite the passenger into their auto rickshaws. They do not wait for the passenger to think and make a decision.

The second among them are the pleading ones. They do not make things happen. They tirelessly follows the passenger, pleading and cajoling them to use their services. Sometimes, the pleading can be suffocating for the target.

The last among them are the silent ones. They patiently wait for passengers even after the first and second group disperses. They are usually lucky to get a ride in spite of the first and the second group.

The interesting part is all three categories get their share of passengers! This time, I chose the second group.