Movie: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

The movie focuses on the last few months of Jesse James’(Brad Pitt) life. During one of the robbery, an young guy – Robert Ford(Casey Affleck) - who is approaching twenty joins up Jesse’s gang. He tries to get closer to the James brothers. He is shunned off by the older brother. But the younger brother, Jesse, takes a liking for him.

Robert Ford idolizes Jesse. Over the course of time, he is slowly disillusioned by Jesse’s unpredictable behavior. Jesse becomes overly suspicious of everyone and paranoid. Robert begins to fear and loathe Jesse. The fear and hatred leads to the assassination of Jesse James.

After the assassination, Robert repents his actions and misses Jesse like everyone else. Jesse gets immortalized in the mind of public while Robert fades away from the public eye only to be vindicated by a Jesse fan.

The movie is directed by Andrew Dominik. Andrew concentrates on the story and the performance of his cast. He slowly unravels the story with long scenes and slow pace. The movie is told by a narrator who provides the much needed background on the main players and events.

With a running time of 160 minutes, this is longer than a normal movie. But,  this is recommended.