Rivermark and shooting

After reading the tragedy in Santa Clara, the first thought coming to my mind is about the necessity of a hand gun in Santa Clara. Isn’t Santa Clara among the safest cities in US? After living in the area for around 6 years, that is my perception.

A friend had recently moved into Lick Mill Blvd near to the place of shootout. I queried immediately without giving him a chance to complete, “You mean… the Cisco ghetto”. Cisco has a sprawling campus on both sides of Tasman Drive. Most of the employees invariably end up in and around Lick Mill Blvd for apartments. A coworker in 1999 told me, “I was working for Cisco before this assignment. If you are in Cisco, you end up in Lick Mill. It is a quiet neighborhood”.

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Rivermark Plaza was quiet(compared to my present environment) even during the lunch hours. The restaurants set the tables outside for office going crowd their meal in the sun. My previous boss preferred the Chinese fast food joint (Chef something…). The food was not spicy but the sun was always shining there. Ruby Tuesdays in the plaza also was the venue for dinner with friends once.

The stretch of Montague expressway in front of Rivermark Plaza gave an eerie feeling. The three lane expressway was always empty on one side. The traffic was heavy in front of the Rivermark Plaza. Once you cross Rivermark Plaza, the traffic thins out.

Hearing about this nice and quiet place rocked by an act of tragedy was indeed disturbing. The newspapers are filled with reports about how normal looking this person was. Isn’t that the case always?

A person cannot breakdown without rhyme or reason. A series of events might have happened that culminated in the tragedy.

What drives a person into rage resulting in such a violent act? The depressing economic scenario?

Has he been silently calling for help? Nobody listened?