Axe Effect

Dear Paul Polman,

Good day to you. Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to read my letter. I recently picked a deodorant named Axe from your collection of products. Right now, I’m confused and almost disappointed with respect to Axe. So I decided to write to you, seeking answers to my questions.

I was reminded of your commercials when my eyes rested on the display of Axe brand on one of the shelves in the local super market. Your commercial shows a remarkable change – in the facial expression – of the fairer sex when somebody who has used your Axe deodorant walks by. The women in your commercials go the extra length to express their desire to the man, armed and dangerous with Axe. All the imagery associated with the commercials tipped my decision towards this particular brand.

Once I zeroed in the brand, I was presented with another dilemma. Which one do I chose? There were again a wide variety of offerings under this brand -  Musk, Spice, Amber, Marine, Oriental etc. Hidden among these choices was a chocolate colored bottle indicating Dark Temptation. The name reminded me of Cadburys. I did not hesitate further and picked it up. As I approached the counter, I felt awkward. Luckily, the counter was deserted. So, I was able to pay and leave quickly.

I was very excited in the morning when I left for work. I had used a liberal dose of the Dark Temptation while getting ready for work. As I entered the office, I saw a group of women waiting for the elevator. I was not planning for this scenario and I sweated profusely, thinking of the consequences displayed in the Axe commercials. While waiting for the elevator, I watched these women through the corner of my eye, surreptitiously. None of the women were behaving like the women in your commercials! After the initial panic, I gave your product the benefit of doubt. It may take more than 5 seconds to have the desired effect.

I was the last one to step into the elevator and my heart was pounding faster by then. The elevators are constricted spaces and I will be alone with these women in the elevator. I found courage and stepped in the elevator. Even in the elevator, these women remained calm. Once again, I gave your product another benefit of doubt. The women may be extremely restraint.

During the lunch at the office canteen, I passed by several women. All of them never threw a glance at me. By this time, I started doubting the “extremely restraint” theory. As the day grew older, my anxiety and pain increased. After completing the day at work. I rushed back home to search the Dark Temptation ads on the net and found an ad that bewildered me.

Now, please tell me where did I go wrong?

Anxiously waiting your reply,

Yours faithfully,

A sincere customer.

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  1. There are few things you may want to change and see again if it works. First, change your physique atleast close to the one who applies perfume in the ad. Reduce the quantity of alcohol intake to minimum the previous day of applying the perfume, also, limit to just one glass of sambhar and one glass of rasam during dinner/lunch..

  2. @Priyan
    Except physique, I'm ready for the other things. :)


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