Business Cards, Meat, Lasers…

What do business cards, meat and lasers in common? Seems nothing! Check out Meat Cards. Four organizations coming together to give you business cards printed on beef jerky with lasers.

What is the future of business cards in today’s world when you can transfer contact details across cell phones?

Will this environment friendly? So, you are going to carry a lot of beef jerky in your wallet! This looks like an interesting option for a professional who travels a lot! But they are also trying to print “Do Not Eat” on the card. But will it taste a bit of laser even if we ignore the warning?

Where do people find time and money to pursue these kind of ideas? Is there a venture capitalist involved? If there is one, I’m going to do some serious thinking tonight! I’m wasting my time here when there are a lot of opportunities out there to make money!

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