When my young friend said he was skipping lunch on last Thursday, I was surprised. Here is someone who don’t discriminate between chicken, mutton and beef and whose idea of dieting is ordering one and a half biriyani instead of two. Instead of reaffirming his decision, I asked, “Why?”. He spoke after sizing my question from all angles. “I am fixing my curtains”.

Luckily for me, I was not sitting on a chair. So, I did not fell off the chair. We were standing in the corridor. It was my turn to pause and I restrained myself from reacting with the sarcastic,  exaggerated and loud laugh that I’m known for.

I regained my composure and said, “Wow! You doing it yourself?”

He calmly responded, “No. I have hired somebody to do the curtains. He will be coming over now. So, I have to skip the lunch and makes sure he does a good job!”.

My friend is very young. Recently, he has again patched up with his girlfriend in an alternating on-off relationship. He stays in a one bedroom apartment with another friend. Why would he want to put curtains in a place when he is always on the move or at work? It is the married men who runs around for all these things at the “insistence” or “persuasion” of their spouses!

After a considerable thought, I attributed it to faster aging where my friend was getting wiser beyond his age. I went for lunch while he went to his apartment. I couldn’t suppress a smile when I saw him walking back flustered after three hours. Such an inane thing as fixing curtains was not easy as it sounded. But I was impressed with my friend’s efforts to elevate the charm of his abode.

Over the weekend, the truth came out of the closet. His girlfriend was visiting from out of town. Putting up curtains was a way of impressing her. So I confronted him, “Why curtains? There are thousand other things you could do!”.

Pat came the reply, “She had given me a bed lamp and the curtains make it look it better!”.

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  1. Ha ha :D Strange are the ways of love-sick men :D

  2. @Newbie
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Strange are the ways and that prompted me to write. :)

  3. U really think curtains were put up for that reason !!

  4. the curious case of the curtains making the bedlamp better...well hope the curtains dont come down on their on-off relationship.

  5. @Jil-
    Thanks for stopping by. Well... I do not know. :) That is what my friend told me!

    I'm going to wait'n watch on this one. :)

  6. nicely put about the curtain and the bedlamp... but one thing i have to disagree on is about the on-off relationship. its not. i'm sure of this cos i know the couple very well :)

  7. @Jency-
    Thanks for dropping by. My blog is just my perspective on events surrounding me. :) My best wishes to the couple.


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