Dirty Dishes

On Saturday, at the request of my niece, we stopped by Kebabwala after shopping for groceries. We were accompanied by my wife and daughter. Being Saturday, the place was extremely hot and noisily crowded.  We were able to find a vacant spot near the barbeque machine. After everyone sat down, I walked to the counter to place the order. I returned to my table with a plateful of chicken lollipops and a shewarma. The girls feasted on the lollipops while I ate shewarma.

The adjacent table was occupied by four people. One of them suddenly dumped their dirty dish on my table. His table was full with dishes and he had finished a plate of biriyani. Now, he was struggling to place a new dish his friend had brought over. In order to place the new dish on the table, he dumped the dirty dish that contained the wasted rice and a chicken leg devoid of meat on my table. He resumed eating his dinner without giving me a second look.

I was angry. But, controlling my emotions, I asked him about the dish. Suddenly, his friend wanted to take the dish back while he remained unrepentant. He was about to defend his actions was full when his friend took the dish back!

What was he thinking?

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  1. Some guys just dont have it... i mean neither the brains to understand commonsense or social etiquettes.

  2. @Vaz-
    "I don't care if it cause inconvenience to others! But I need to get rid of it" :)

  3. good point...if he had left a plate full of chicken (fresh, untouched) you would have been cool..right? sorry ...i was just trying to cheer you up...try the "Affliction" t-shirt next time, could scare them off...

  4. @Priyaiyer (Anil)-
    Thanks for dropping by. LOL.

  5. My thoughts... Is that pic. taken by you...
    You use AJAX to wash your dishes :-)

  6. @Amar
    Nope. I found it on the net. :-)


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