Hidden Kitchen: Hometreat

On one of the pocket roads off the 100 ft road very close to where 100 ft road intersects with Sarjapur road in Madiwala, you can find Hometreat in one of the residential building. They do not have a billboard advertising their presence. Even the pocket road is not identifiable in Google maps!

This is primarily a mess catering to the young crowd in the area. But they have mouthwatering Kochi Biriyani, crispy fish fries(sardine and mackerel) and also excellent beef dishes. The food is oily but very tasty.

Their phone number is +918025520272.

Call ahead as you will have trouble finding this place.

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  1. Thanks for this interesting bit of news, Biryani is my alltime favourite & so will try out KochiBiryani, hope its not made of Beef though.

  2. @Vaz
    :) Do not worry. You get to choose chicken, beef or fish. Opt for Chicken.

    Please call ahead since this a house converted into a semi-hotel. Ambiance is poor. But food is yummy.


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