I voted…

Bollywood… My apologies, Big B. If I refer to this as “Hindi film industry” as you would like all of us to, I will not be able to finish this blog on time! So, I’m sticking to the unimaginative name just like the unimaginative knock-offs the “Hindi film industry” delivers! Now, it is time to get back to my blog!

Bollywood celebrities have been urging us to vote on Radio and TV. Aamir Khan contributed towards ads for creating awareness on voting and elections. Even the wooden faced, John Abraham, urged his fans to vote. Looking at his portfolio and performances, the fact that he still has fans is a surprise!

Preaching is easy and practicing is difficult! The preacher always shuns away from practicing. Did these celebrities turn out for voting on 30th April 2008 in Mumbai? Yes, they did!

Along with hoards of celebrities, the first family of  Bollywood, the Bachchans, also showed up. Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan displayed their middle fingers gallantly to the shutterbugs. I voted… Up yours, Sir! Or was this intended for junta?

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