In search of land

When my brother-in-law told me about the plots for sale in Sarjapur, lying in the outskirts of Bangalore, I was interested in checking out the plot and location. These plots are ideal places to build a house. But will I ever be building a house in Bangalore? Only time can can answer this question.

There was another reason too behind my decision. The tax season reminds me of the money I have spent the entire season despite the EMI payments and the various insurance payments. Starting another enterprise that requires a monthly payment gives me a good opportunity to feel proud of my achievement in the next season. Of course, during these calculations, I conveniently forget about the pains associated with making the various monthly payments!

We started out towards Sarjapur before twilight. My brother-in-law had made couple of calls after I indicated interest and the car was filled with enthusiastic and potential investors. The road towards Sarjapur is deserted with little villages sprouting up en route. Out of nowhere, shops appear on both sides of the road with bicyclists and pedestrians refusing to yield. Most of the prominent builders in town has acquired acres of land in this part of the city. Huge hoardings announce their presence and walls around the hoardings marks the assets.

As it was dark, we missed the destination and went further into the city of Sarjapur. Once we realized our folly, we turned back. This time, we consulted the crude map drawn in the back of the brochure supplied by the builder to avoid any further delays. After unsuccessfully interactions with the locals on the whereabouts, we found the small country road that leads us to the destination. It was a paved road which you could miss even if you are looking for it. This road featured a Kidzee school at the start of the road. Why would anyone want to start a school in an underdeveloped area? Are the property developers paying for the school to make the area more attractive?

All along the road, we found huge walls and gates indicating private property; majestic walls and nameless gates. We continued on the road for 10 minutes before realizing we were lost again! A couple of phone calls, owing to poor network coverage in the area, to another friend helped us in identifying the exact location of the plot.

It was one of those inconspicuous wrought iron gates. It was dark by the time we drove inside this gate. There were neither any guards at the gate nor any living being inside the gate. It was virgin land as far as eyes could reach. After taking couple of turns on the rudimentary road, we reached a building under construction. This indicated the future office of the builder. Reluctant in getting out as due to darkness and little sand structures indicating the presence of snakes, we surveyed the land and the plots from the car. There were no clear indication on what was for sale and how the land was divided in contrast to the brochure, which was colorful.

We started back to Bangalore without making a decision. Commute to work, the potential of these places becoming hubs in the next few years and BDA limits dominated our conversation on the way back.

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  1. Sarjapur is a potential area, I remember when I was in ICICI Bank loads of Infy techies have brought land or flat out here. Intl airport area is another one you could probably scout for high growth prospects. This is a good time too as rates have come down to more sensible levels.

  2. @Vaz
    Thanks for the tips. Right now, it was a lazy Saturday idea. Let's see if it materializes into something more.
    Meanwhile, a friend of Facebook adviced against Sarjapur as some of his friend's land is stuck in red tape!


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